“The 5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Fix Your Elbow Pain”

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“The 5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Fix Your Elbow Pain

In This Report You'll Learn How To Immediately Start...

  • Release Your Tight Muscles 
  • Stretch The Correct Way (without worrying that you're going to hurt yourself)
  • Strengthen Your Elbow ( to help you get back to your life!)

(*🏆 As Well As Crucial Tips, Advice And Bonus Educational Videos Pertinent To Your Pain!)


Is Your Elbow Pain...

  • Making it difficult to grab even the lightest thing???
  • Bothering you when you're trying to have fun like playing golf or tennis?
  • Causing you to not even use that arm anymore???

Are You Ready To Finally Resolve Your Elbow Pain Once And For All?

Look Who Else Started With Pr1me Movement To Relieve Their Elbow Pain!!

I decided to go to Chad after he helped my Mom after her rotator cuff surgery. I play golf almost every day and I was beginning to have trouble with my elbow. I was, also, still having trouble with my wrist that I had broken several years ago. Chad helped my elbow in only 1 visit and I have not had a problem since. We then worked on my wrist which helped my golf game and improved my movement in my wrist. I would recommend Chad for anyone who needs help with a pain or recovery.

-- Mark C..

I had rotator cuff surgery in March 2017. It was a very difficult and extensive surgery. I had physical therapy at two separate locations that my Doctor had suggested. I had therapy for 9 months!! When I finished the initial therapy, I was probably 75% back to normal. After a few months of no therapy, I was frustrated that I was still having problems with my shoulder. Then my husband learned about Chad working with members at our club.I wanted to get back to 100% movement and to, hopefully, swing a golf club again. After working with Chad for 6 weeks, I’m definitely at 95% of my previous movements and approaching full recovery. Chad has not only tremendously helped my arm and shoulder movements, but he has helped my mental attitude. I was afraid to try some exercises (like push-ups), but Chad helped me realize that I really CAN do anything that I did before my surgery. I can also swing a golf club again!!

-- Becci C.

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