“The 5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Fix Your Hip Pain”

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“The 5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Fix Your Hip Pain

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  • Strengthen Your Hip ( to help you get back to your life!)

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Is Your Hip Pain...

  • Making it difficult to even walk??
  • Bothering you during even simple, everyday activities ( like dressing, sitting, or heck even just sleeping?)
  • Causing you to favor only one leg???

Are You Ready To Finally Resolve Your Hip Pain Once And For All?

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Dr. Kuntz is a highly knowledgeable PT that is perfectly suited for those who are either fitness professionals or have a desire to continue progressing with their physical activity while rehabbing an injury or other issue.  

I was impressed with his open-minded and patient centered approach to helping me with my hip impingement. He listened carefully, assessed my pain through range of motion and utilized the fitness center equipment to understand my pre-existing movement patterns.  

Specifically, Dr. Kuntz re-worked my entire squat form and gave me specific and helpful exercises which improved my quality of movement and helped relieve some of my pain. He was encouraging and promoted my activity level throughout treatment.  

Under his treatment plan, I got to experience cupping and dry needling for the first time. Although, I'm not sure how much of a role it played in my recovery, it seemed helpful in reducing inflammation and opening up a greater range of motion.  

I would highly recommend Dr. Kuntz as a PT to anyone in the Charlotte area. He is extremely responsive via text and worked with my schedule. Additionally, he assisted me in the paperwork necessary to submit to my insurance company. Dr. Kuntz was worth the drive and as I am confident that my mechanics of movement have improved and will help prevent further injury down the line.

-- Raelle S.

I initially went to see Chad due to hip pain caused by years of over use. I tried stretching, ice etc, but no relief. Chad was able to drill down and find the root cause of the problem in 2 visits. He then used various treatments and introduced exercises to help correct the problems. My hip pain is now gone.

 I then went back to Chad to have him evaluate my shoulders which have bothered me for over 20 years. I was a serious competitive swimmer from age 6 through college and my shoulders and surrounding tissues were in bad shape due to chronic overuse. Chad was able to drill down and identify trigger points and stiff fascia that were contributing to the problem. He performed lots of manual treatment that has greatly improved my condition. More importantly he identified incorrect movement patterns of my shoulders that were also a big contributor to the problem. We are working to get that corrected. Chad's knowledge of the human body, the way it moves, how the muscles and connective tissues work together is very impressive. He has a very deep understanding and an ability to identify the issues. I have worked with other PT's and Orthopedic Physicians over the years and none were able to correctly identify and fix the issues. I am very glad I found Chad.

-- Robert L. 

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