“The 5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Fix Your Knee Pain”

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“The 5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Fix Your Knee Pain

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Recently my family and I have been training to prepare for a half marathon over Labor Day weekend. I'm a few months into my program, and to say that I’m pleased with my training at this point is an understatement.  

Those who have trained with me recently know that I’ve battled frustrating knee pain and setbacks over the last few years. But this time around is different, in large part because of the help I’ve been getting from my PT, Chad Kuntz.  

In just a few appointments with Chad, I’ve been able to implement some stretches and exercises into my workouts that have made a big difference. This morning I ran 7 miles at a 8:14 pace, which isn’t amazing (first two miles were pushing a stroller), but what IS amazing for me personally is that I’ve had zero knee pain or setbacks forcing me to back off my training thus far.  

The race is still a month out so I’m not celebrating yet, but I couldn’t feel much better at this point leading into the home stretch. If you think you’d benefit from physical therapy and especially if you’re a recreational athlete/have a background in athletics, I couldn’t more highly recommend Dr. Kuntz. He wants to work with people who are motivated to get better, and will absolutely push you to reach your potential. He'll even do an initial 60-minute consult at no charge. With all sincerity, thanks Chad because your knowledge has been a game changer for me!

-- Trent W. 

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