“The 5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Fix Your Low Back Pain”

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Release Your Lower Back Tightness And Pain With Proven Self Stretches and Self Releasing Exercises!"

In This Report You'll Learn How To Immediately Start...

  • Release Your Tight Low Back Muscles 
  • Stretch The Correct Way (without worrying that you're going to hurt yourself)
  • Strengthen Your Core ( to help you get back to your life!)

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Is Your Low Back Pain...

  •  Bothering you during even simple, everyday activities ( driving, sitting, or heck even just standing??)
  • Making you feel older than you really are?
  • Making you worry that it won't go away this time??

Are You Ready To Finally Resolve Your Low Back Pain Once And For All?

Look Who Else Started With Pr1me Movement To Relieve Their Low Back Pain!!

Chad's knowledge is prodigy level when it comes to understanding the body. I went to a chiropractor who told me I did not have a bulged disc based on my symptoms, Chad disagreed, and was able to predict almost exactly what the MRI told me. He was able to get me back into lifting, and keep my career as a pilot. I even did a few skype sessions which was much more helpful than anywhere else I went (chiropractor, and multiple in person physical therapy sessions). I could not recommend Chad enough.

-- Josh L.

As a physical therapist and certified yoga therapist, I sought out Chad for his expertise to help me address a chronic stiffness and pain in my hip and back from cycling. He was able to do a thorough evaluation and help me figure out what imbalances had caused this pain and start a program to help dissipate my symptoms, address the cause and prevent its recurrence in the future. It is important that your physical therapist have the expertise, creativity and assessment eye to help you target the CAUSE of your musculo skeletal issues, not just the symptoms and Dr. Kuntz certainly does that. I can't recommend him more highly.

-- Chrys

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