Are Your Tight Neck Muscles Causing Your Neck Pain?

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Is Your Neck Pain...

  • Slowing you down from trying to stay active and healthy?
  • Bothering you during even simple, everyday activities ( driving, sitting, or heck even just reading?)
  • Not getting better, even though it usually does...

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Initially, I came to see Dr. Kuntz for relief from chronic neck pain. He was recommended to me by my trainer, Chavanne, at Fitness Together. I found relief from my neck pain from the discovery visit. Through subsequent visits, with Dr. Kuntz's help, we peeled back the layers of dysfunction in my body to get to the root causes and address those head on. Through a combination of hands-on interventions, needling, and exercises, we unlocked areas of tightness and tension, leading to greater mobility. The thing that is different about working with Dr. Kuntz is that he really listens to what I am experiencing to find the right intervention. I now have a cadre of exercises to maintain the mobility I have gained with his assistance. I highly recommend Dr. Kuntz - be prepared for lasting change and improved function!

-- Jenn R.

Dr. Kuntz has been an invaluable help in rehabilitating and regaining function in my neck (and stopping a very annoying click!). I am so lucky that Dr. Jason McDonald referred me to Dr. Kuntz. It's amazing what finding the right people can do to relieve pain and finally get answers! Give Dr. Kuntz three visits and he will most definitely help your situation, even if its a complex and unusual one! Don't look anywhere else. Dr. Kuntz has so much knowledge, is easy to work with and is very detailed oriented! He will listen to you and your specific symptoms/complaints and help find a solution.

-- Summer M.

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