Are Your Tight Neck Muscles Causing Your Neck Pain?

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“The 5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Fix Your Shoulder Pain

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  • Release Your Tight Muscles 
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  • Strengthen Your Shoulder ( to help you get back to your life!)

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Is Your Shoulder Pain...

  • Slowing you down from trying to stay active and healthy?
  • Bothering you during even simple, everyday activities ( like dressing, reaching, or heck even just sleeping?)
  • Causing you to favor only one arm???

Are You Ready To Finally Resolve Your Shoulder Pain Once And For All?

Look Who Else Started With Pr1me Movement To Relieve Their Shoulder Pain!!

I have been going to Dr Chad at Pr1me Movement on and off for almost a year. He has helped me tremendously with my shoulder pain from getting back into Volleyball! After 4 surgeries on my left shoulder, I thought for sure my right one was next....but he proved that surgery doesn’t always have to be the next step (like so many orthopedics recommend)  

Dr Chad always takes time to listen and then thoroughly explain what's really going on! He shows you how to get mobility back through different exercises and gives a great stretching program as well!  

He uses different techniques such as cupping and dry needling that significantly helped my shoulder pain after just one treatment! My shoulder has improved immensely since beginning with Dr Chad!  

I ALWAYS recommend Pr1me Movement to members at the gym, my clients and friends who have various pains and/or injuries. He is by far, the best around!

-- Audrey P.

I saw Chad in 2015 with a bad tear in my shoulder. I was certain that I wouldn’t be able to regain full function of the shoulder and would be kept from doing the activities that I love. Among these are swimming, yoga, and Olympic Weightlifting.  

Not only did I heal to regain full functionality, but Chad has taught me and enabled me to make myself stronger and more resilient than ever before. I cannot say enough about how grateful I am to Chad. I fully endorse him to anyone in need of a PT.

-- Summer M.

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